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Venta Nuevo Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB/16GB/128GB/Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB/16GB/128GB Unlocked - 650$



GADGET DIRECT WORLD LIMITED. is one of the leading supplier of high-end products to customers, we deal primarily in genuine and brand new electronics, all items are sourced directly from the manufacturers and carry the manufacturer’s warranty. We ship 100% of our orders the same business day.

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Contact Name : Mr Dean Miller
Phone Number : +1310-601-4460

Email Us at :
Email Us at :
Email Us at :

Skype Us : Gadgetdirectltd

Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 9:00pm EST
Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm EST
Saturday Sunday- 9:00am – 8:00pm EST.
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All our product comes with the minimum warranty of 1 full international warranty from manufacturer And Our company offer 6 month return policy extra.



Delivery only takes 38hours to arrive to you by FedEx,DHL,EMS OR UPS express delivery.

New Apple iphone 5S 64GB 24K Gold $ 2800USD
New Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$330USD
New Apple iPhone 5S 32GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$390USD
New Apple iPhone 5S 64GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$450USD

New Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB 24K GOLD $3,800USD
New Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Black/White:...$550USD
New Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Black/White:...$650USD
New Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Black/White:..$700USD

New Apple iPhone 6 64GB 24K GOLD $ 2500USD
New Apple iPhone 6 16GB Black/White:...$450USD
New Apple iPhone 6 64GB Black/White:...$550USD
New Apple iPhone 6 128GB Black/White:..$580USD
New Apple iPhone 5C 16GB Black/White...$300USD
New Apple iPhone 5C 32GB Black/White...$330USD

New Apple iPhone 5 64GB 24K Gold $1500USD
New Apple iPhone 5 64GB Black/White:$390USD
New Apple iPhone 5 32GB Black/White:$300USD
New Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black/White:$250USD

New Apple iPad Air 16GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$290USD
New Apple iPad Air 32GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$390USD
New Apple iPad Air 64GB Black/White/Silver,Gray...$400USD

New Apple iPad Tablet 4 64GB (Wi -Fi + 4G) $390USD
New Apple iPad Tablet 4 32GB (Wi -Fi + 4G) $300USD
New Apple iPad Tablet 4 16GB (Wi -Fi + 4G) $250USD
New Apple iPad 3 4G Wi- Fi 64GB $350USD
New Apple iPad 3 4G Wi- Fi 32GB $270USD
New Apple iPad 3 4G Wi- Fi 16GB $250USD

HTC Phones:

HTC One x+ S728e 3G Android Unlocked:$370USD
HTC One xL Quadband Android GPS Unlocked:$300USD
HTC One x Quadband 3G Android GPS Unlocked:$280USD
HTC Windows Phone 8x C625e LTE Unlocked:$200USD
HTC Windows Phone 8x C620e 3G Unlocked:$200USD
HTC One V T320e Quadband 3G Android GPS Unlocked:$170USD
HTC One S Quadband 3G HSDPA GPS Unlocked:$275USD
HTC One Android 801s LTE Unlocked:$645USD
HTC One SV C525e 4G LTE Unlocked:$265USD
HTC Windows Phone 8S 3G HSDPA Unlocked:$175USD
HTC Sprint Evo 4G Unlocked:$350USD
HTC Desire Unlocked:$250USD
HTC Touch HD Unlocked:$225USD
HTC google nexus One Unlocked:$200USD
HTC Touch Diamond 3700 Unlocked:$250USD
HTC Touch Pro Unlocked:$230USD
HTc Touch Pro 2 Unlocked:$250USD
HTC P3600 Unlocked:$240USD
HTC SHIFT Unlocked:$240USD
HTC Advantage Unlocked, QWERTY:$245USD
HTC S710 Smartphone QWERTY, Unlocked:$235USD

Samsung Phones:

Samsung Galaxy J6
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB:$500USD
Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB:$550USD
Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB:$650USD

Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB:$390.99
Samsung Galaxy S5 32GB:$470.99
Samsung Galaxy S5 64GB:$550.99

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505/i9500 64GB $390USD
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505/i9500 32GB $330USD
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505/i9500 16GB $290USD
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom $280USD
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Unlocked:$250USD
Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB Unlocked:$230USD
Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB Unlocked:$200USD
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Unlocked:$170USD

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 16GB Unlocked:$470USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000/N9002 16GB:$330USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000/N9002 32GB:$350USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000/N9002 64GB:$420USD

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 16GB LTE:$350USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 32GB LTE:$400USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 64GB LTE:$490USD

Sony PlayStation 4 500 GB Jet Black includes Dual Shock 4 Controller:$390USD
Playstation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle:$330USD
SONY Playstation 4 & 2 DUALSHOCK 4 CONTROLLERS + FIFA 14:$450USD
PLAYSTATION 4, 500 GB, 2 Controllers,1 Year Membership to PlayStation Plus:$400USD

Sony PlayStation 3 320GB System / PlayStation Move Bundle $280USD
Playstation 3 320GB HW Bundle $280USD
Sony PS3 Hardware 160GB Core $220USD
Sony PS3 Hardware 320GB Core $230USD
Sony PS3 320GB Uncharted 3 Bundle $250USD
Sony PlayStation 3D Display $200USD

Microsoft Xbox One with Kinect - 500 GB:$330USD
Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Bundle:$320USD
Microsoft 6RZ00022 Xbox One Titanfall Gaming Console Bundle:$340USD
Microsoft 17562886 Xbox One Deadrising 3 and Forza 5 Bundle:$350USD
Microsoft Xbox One Day One (latest/special Model) - 500 Gb Black Console:$450USD
Xbox One Console with Your Choice of 40''+ TV:$700USD
Xbox One Console System (Day One Edition):$450USD
MICROSOFT CORPORATION Xbox One System and extra Wireless Controller:$450USD
Xbox One Console Titanfall Bundle Game System + 25 DVDs MOVIE JAPANESE ANIME:$480USD

Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Game System $ 220USD
Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Console with Kinect $ 250USD
Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Video Game Systems $ 250USD
Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle Video Game Systems $ 280USD
Microsoft XBox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with Kinect $ 300USD

Microsoft (X-Box) Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle $ 240USD
Microsoft X360 Gear of War 3 LE Console $230USD
Microsoft (X-Box) Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle $230USD
Microsoft (X-Box) X360 Modern Warfare 3 LE Conso $220USD

Shipping Term: FedEx,DHL,UPS Express Delivery.

Which shipping term do you prefer?

Delivery Only Takes : 38hours.

We insure safety delivery of goods to all our customers and also offer them money return policy.

Email Us at :

Email Us at :

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Phone: 3106014460

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